How does a SANIFLO system work?


You’re wondering how exactly you can add a toilet under the stairs, in a remote building or otherwise seemingly impossible location without easy direct access to a main outflow pipe?

The answer lies in the combination of macerating and pumping technology used in SANIFLO units.

To fully understand how SANIFLO units work, you need to look at the two steps involved.


Step 1 – Macerating Technology

To ‘macerate’ something means to soften it and churn it up. This makes it easier to dispose of, and this is the key principle on which all SANIFLO units for toilets are based.
When you flush a toilet with a SANIFLO macerator pump attached, the waste is first moved into the macerator unit. It is met there by a rotating cutting blade that moves at incredible speed, to pound solid waste and material like toilet paper into a liquid effluent.
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– First, the WC is flushed and the waste exits the toilet bowl as normal, but is then directed to the macerator unit rather than directly to an outflow.
– Once the waste rises to a level to trigger the internal sensors in the macerator unit, a micro-switch is activated, to begin the macerating process itself.
– Valves on the side inlets of the macerator unit are closed temporarily, while the blade inside works at up to 3,600 rpm to reduce solids into liquid.
– When this process finishes, the valves are opened again, and the unit prepares to pump away the liquid material that remains.

Step 2 – Pumping Technology

The pumping technology in your SANIFLO unit now takes care of the liquid to be disposed of and all SANIFLO units pump a lot of power into a small package. That pumping power can effortlessly expel the liquid waste through a one-inch pipe for 50 metres!
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– Vertical pumping distances of five metres (15 feet) and a horizontal distances of 50 metres (150 feet), or even more depending on exact model chosen, are achieved.
– For added piece of mind, a one-way valve in the unit prevents any chance of backflow of effluent.
– It means that no matter where your new unit is for toilet, shower, bath, washing machine, dishwasher, or other utility, the correct choice of SANIFLO unit will allow you to discharge the waste efficiently, powerfully, and in line with all environmental regulations.